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She is living

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Daquan is a White Girl

The thing that makes this skit so weird, and so funny, is that the parts you find funny have a lot to do with how you identify yourself.

Really, the audience was probably laughing at two different things.

Black America was laughing at white America.

Black people know that love and equality are nothing to be afraid of, but they also know that all of the things that President Pryor was talking about: black access to education, black participation in government and industry, Islam, interracial relationships — these things make a lot of white people nervous.

In short, as cruel as it sounds, a lot of minorities find white racist fear and naiveté absolutely hilarious. (Think of it as an alternative to being angry all the time).

But a lot of white people watched this, and thought that the joke was supposed to be that the first black president would be a total monster. It was funny to have their biases confirmed. In fact, there’s more than a few people out there that still don’t get the joke.

So it was no wonder that when Chapelle’s show came out, with skits like ‘Black Reparations’, which again, poked fun at white America’s fears (read: guilt) and assumptions about blacks, that a lot of white people didn’t get the joke. A lot of people saw the ‘reparations’ skit and simply thought:

‘Oh, wow, that’s totally true! If reparations happened,

black people would spend all of their money on fried chicken’.

It confirmed their expectations. And they laughed. And Dave left.

Here’s what Paul Mooney, who wrote the President Pryor script, had to say about the phenomenon of white reactions to black comedy:

When I imitate middle-class white speech, I see a flicker of unease cross the faces of the white people in the audience. Then, when I go into ghetto riff, the smiles return. They’re fine as long as I am making fun of the same kind of people they make fun of — chinks, spics and niggers. But as soon as I start talking about them, I can clear a room!

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The official Microsoft website.  May 2001

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So Little Humans is coming out in almost two months, and the first hardcopy has just arrived! It is awesome. Your child is guaranteed to giggle, point, and cheer. And if test readings are any indication, there is a 38.53% chance you will cry. It comes out October 7th— very excited about it. You can preorder now and receive it on day of publish:


"Brandon," they say to me, "Since you are promoting the children’s book, can you remind everyone about the adult book?" Of course I will. Aesthetically arranged beneath Little Humans, you can see the adult book, appropriately titled Humans of New York, which after nine months is still hanging onto the NYT Bestseller’s list. Most likely because it’s a "publishing phenomenon" (New York Times) that also happens to be "visually arresting and disarmingly deep." (The Atlantic). If you so desire, you can order that here:


To the right of Little Humans, you can find Susie, who has asked me, while we are promoting things, to remind everyone that she is on a lifelong mission to help place orphaned senior dogs in loving homes. You can find her page here: Susie’s Senior Dogs.

And finally, my cactus, Carl, has asked me, since we’re already promoting things, if I could advertise his fan page: Carl The Cactus. He is hoping to get a certain number of likes before he launches his GoFundMe campaign.

I think he acts exactly like my parody of him


what if you stumbled upon an old friends blog on tumblr and found out they were into chainsaws to an extent that made you uncomfortable


i dont need this from you garfield

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the new ask meme: asking for forgiveness and returning forgiveness yourself


i was never alive in the 80s and therefore dont really like mtv


you could make a compost pile in your backyard full on failed ideas and actions and like… wait a little while and make something of it… could be meaningful… you’d need a backyard tho



faraway symbols


ok then:

on an unrelated note, i just started reading the sound and the fury yesterday and i am already amazed by how beautiful it is, just ten pages in


you need to play games that aren’t made for children

[a lake of fire stretches before me] duck… duck… gooose! you’re never gonna catch me!


More sinned than sinned against—an interesting phrase in context, but even more so when looked into closely; for by its very grammar it creates a hierarchy, the sinner and the sinned against: one, the sinner, is given the action thus the power thus the consequence; tow, the sinned against, is acted upon, made powerless, but is still shown complicit in the sin: thus one, with power, is atop the hierarchy, and sins for both, without or without the sinners say; in another interpretation, the sinner acts to sin, but the sinned against acts only to assist in the sinner or not at all.

[a cute little dog is saying this quietly, turning all the r’s into w’s]


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I don’t really enjoy video games. I feel they reward you too easily for too little work. You can get caught up in that really—you get used to easy rewards and don’t want to take risks anymore. I don’t know how you’d solve that. [has chopped your arm off and is actively punching you with it]



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