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shameful fact: bruce tinsley has a job. hes employed. his republican duck comics are still being made and put into actual newspapers




He does. None of his bigotry, his alcoholism or his reckless driving seems to have made him unemployable. It is almost as though major newspapers tacitly support his views or something?! :o

Mainstream Republicans never face repercussions for their actions.  It’s extremely difficult to get them prosecuted for crimes, but getting them fired from any kind of politically oriented job?  Not gonna happen.  There will always be some right wing newspaper or think tank or political office that will provide a job when one is needed.

It’s kind of incredible. The people who talk most about their self-made success stories are the group that perpetually fails upward, and even if they happen to fall they always land in the think tank safety net. That’s the nature of politics, though. Rob Ford can smoke crack as the mayor of Toronto but you’ll lose an entry level service industry job.

    Me in 2010: writes one hundred identical songs called "the flood"
    Me in 2014: won't stop mentioning Louisiana's sinking

So I’ve realized

Both Florida and Louisiana are sinking or, to rephrase, everywhere I’ve lived will be one day underwater



*brings a girl home n then starts flickin my bedroom lights on n off* “welcome to hell! Welcome to hell!”

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  • No Cure for the Lonely
  • by The Swans
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"The Swans"

The Swans is the name of Michael Gira’s new sitcom. On ABC. Please keep up

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In the new Michael Gira sitcom, Jarboe plays the recurring witch next door, brewing potions and slapstick antics in equal parts




Jim Crow 2.0

nothing’s changed. it’s just evolved.

devil stay pulling tricks.

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Also, by this point you should know that my phone keyboard suggests Gira every time I type in Michael


Reblog if you know intimate secrets of Michael Gira’s home life. I want to know the man behind the mall goth


Son: I need to find a date for homecoming by Friday or I’ll never be popular again
His father, Michael Gira: ok, but remember scout, the sex in your soul will damn you to hell


Why do so many people claim to be the only one who really understands Kafka? Like, to the point of relating intensely with him. He was an amazing writer but why would you be proud to share his dread?


Secret desire

Michael Gira is the newest sitcom dad


Is my use value related to my credit score?


One of the bus drivers on my route has long hair in dreads and every day at least three people call him ma’am and zero call him sir and I have never once heard him speak


"In the 1980s, the U.S. Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines was the largest U.S. military base outside of the U.S. with an estimated 500 million USD generated by the brothels surrounding it. Local traffickers and brothel owners engaged in the business of buying and selling women and girls to meet the demands of the servicemen stationed there. Alma, who had dreams of becoming an accountant, was one of the women sold in the local sex industry. After three years, she was able to escape this life and subsequently co-founded Buklod ng Kababaihan, a group that helps other exploited women. Though the U.S. bases in the Philippines officially closed in the 1990s, the problem persists today as U.S. sex tourists travel there to take advantage of the commercial sex industry entrenched by the once-large U.S. military presence. Thousands of U.S. servicemen are still deployed in the Philippines where they continue to seek out local women in prostitution despite laws against it. Alma and Buklod continue to fight the exploitation of the estimated 300,000 to 400,000 women and up to 100,000 children in the Philippines commercial sex industry.

It is widely acknowledged that where there is a large military presence, there will be a significant and concurrent growth of the commercial sex industry and trafficking of women and girls into the industry. As former U.S. anti-trafficking Ambassador John Miller stated in 2004, “human trafficking, especially for women and girls forced into prostitution, has followed demand where a multitude of U.S. and foreign aid workers, humanitarian workers, civilian contractors, and yes, U.S. uniformed personnel, operate.” For example, in 2012 The Korea Times reported that women are trafficked to and exploited in brothels around U.S. military bases in South Korea “despite the military’s ‘zero tolerance policy.’” According to one estimate, more than one million Korean women have been used in prostitution by U.S. troops since 1945."



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